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Urethral Catheter Straight Tip Uncoated PVC 14 Fr. 16 Inch

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  • McKesson Intermittent Catheter
  • High-quality intermittent catheters designed for quick and easy self-catheterization
  • Non-coated catheter manufactured from clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Indicated for intermittent catheterization of the urethra for those individuals who are unable to promote a natural urine flow or for those individuals who have a significant volume of residual urine following a natural bladder-voiding episode
  • Designed to be inserted into the urethra to reach the bladder allowing urine to drain
  • Staggered eyes for maximum urine flow
  • Polished eyes minimize urethral trauma and reduce the risk of bringing bacteria into the bladder
  • Straight design for patients who have chronic bladder problems and able to perform the catheterization themselves
  • Common solution used to obtain urine samples for hospital or laboratory analysis
  • Flexible funnel end with ridged design for grip and ease of handling
  • Color-coded funnel and packaging label for easy identification of french size
  • Packaging design includes loop cutout for hanging to maintain sterility
  • Individually packaged for single, sterile use
  • Not made with DEHP, DINP, BPA, or natural rubber latex
  • Packaged: 30 Each Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case

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